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SMALL BUSINESS SEMINAR – E-commerce: Getting started with online selling
Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 5:30-8:30pm @ NW Chamber

While brick & mortar business have been around for a long time, online selling has quickly grown from an interesting idea to a mandatory part of the selling process. Post, Covid, even businesses that had resisted getting into online selling found that it was time to expand into the digital marketplace. However, e-commerce isn’t as
easy as it sounds! In this seminar you’ll learn how to transition your business to online sales and you’ll discover the different aspects of the sales process that change when you shift from in-person to virtual.

This seminar will be taught by Prati Kaufman, a leading global marketing expert. After 20+ years in marketing across the globe, she quit her job and grew a one-person company to a full service marketing agency where she helps founders get in front of their best clients, customers, and core audiences.



SMALL BUSINESS SEMINAR – Understanding Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Crypto
Date: Tuesday, January 10th, 5:30-8:30pm @ The Norfolk Hub

The blockchain and the development of Bitcoin may be one of the most significant developments in finance in the last 100 years. Understanding this fundamental technology as it goes through its early development can be difficult to follow. This seminar will explain what blockchains are, where cryptocurrencies come from and how to use them, the rise and fall of NFT’s and exchanges like FTX, and what it all means for the future of money, payment systems, trust, and security!

This seminar will be taught by Bill Guida who has served as the head of strategy at Robert Ventures, has been involved in digital assets since 2013, and is deeply connected within the digital asset developer and investment communities. He also has volunteered as a research analyst and advisor at the Holberton School of Computer Science and at Southern Connecticut State University.




SMALL BUSINESS SEMINAR – Mindfulness & Mental Fitness
Date: Tuesday, February 7th, 5:30-8:30pm @ Location TBD

When the holidays are over and we get back to the grind in the new year, we often find ourselves evaluating our business, relationships, trajectory, health, and focus. Entrepreneurs know they need to maintain a healthy work/life balance in order to give their best attention to building something new, but often times mindfulness and mental health get pushed to the back of the priority list in order to focus on the urgent and immediate issues at hand. In this seminar, attendees will get a chance to step back, take inventory of their activities and mental fitness, identify and prioritize their goals, and re-focus their attention to what’s most important.

This seminar will be taught by Jackie Ross, an HR veteran with a background in behavioral and mental health who combined her love of people and coaching to launch her business working as a career and mental fitness coach.




The NCCC Entrepreneurial Center’s Vision & Goals

  • Vision: Develop vibrant and connected communities of entrepreneurs in Northwest CT.
  • Program Mission: Provide businesses with innovative opportunities to remain competitive in today’s marketplace through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders who are committed to advancing entrepreneurship in Northwest CT.
  • Strategic Goals: Connect established and new entrepreneurs to the NCCC Center for Workforce Development and provide business development support, education and training.


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