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Monday August 28, 2017

Susan Stiller in the NCCC Gallery (August 28-September 22)

August 28-September 22

Opening 9/12/2017 3:00-5:00pm


Works on Paper
These works on paper are done primarily with oil pastels, which have been my principal paint medium for the last ten years or so. Working on either the front (print) side or the back side of high gloss photographic paper, I work to manipulate the color and texture of the pastels - including applying, removing, reapplying, layering, and combining with other elements like chalk and charcoal – all in an effort to find the subtlety and tone I am trying to achieve. Whether it is the mood or emotion of a landscape, or an emotion generated by a poem line or concept, I work at trying to translate not only what I see, but what I think about and feel, into my work.

The two large acrylics in this show were created about six years ago. The color and texture of both paintings were created using palette knives. The end results occurred after layering and working the paint through the process of discovery.

Unlike how I typically paint - through layering and working with the color to create line and shape – the spontaneity of the monotype process is something I enjoy. Although I do not visit this form often, I find it inspiring when I do. Jehovah Sky was created in 1987, Birds in 2014, and Headless and Heartbroken… in 2015. All were done applying ink or paint to Plexiglas plates and then rubbing the surface to transfer the paint to paper. Jehovah Sky was put through a printing press for transfer.

Works on Fabric
For the last several years, I have been exploring creating pattern pieces that are printed on fabric. This includes both hand-drawn patterns (Traps!) and digitally created patterns (The Expanding Universe). These two pieces have been mounted on stretchers for wall decoration. I have also created home décor pieces with the fabric I have designed.

Art is an abstraction that combines the essential reality of elements with all their possibilities. I look for both the essential and the possibilities.

Susan is a mixed media artist and pattern maker living and working in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The pieces in this show include previous and current paintings, as well as current pattern pieces.