President’s Welcome


To all NCCC students,

We are extremely proud that once again, for the sixth year in a row, Northwestern Connecticut Community College was ranked as the best community college in Connecticut!  This recognition demonstrates the hard work and dedication by all of the faculty and staff who choose to work here to help you, and for the amazing students that have studied here and become successful.  We are also extremely proud to have been ranked as #20 best community college in the entire USA, out of 650 colleges ranked!

We are very mindful that beginning a new journey at NCCC during a pandemic will prove to be extremely challenging for you all, as it has been for all of us here.  I do want to emphasize that a lot of very careful planning has gone into this fall semester, to ensure that the classes remain accessible to you and that we keep everyone safe.  This is NOT an easy time to be a college student; many of you have suffered financial losses, and too many of you have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.  We have many, many caring and dedicated people here at the college who can help and support you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

I encourage you to get to know your professors and everyone here who can support and guide you to success.  Whether that is your advisor, the student development center, friends and fellow students, we all want you to be successful.  There are many support services here that you can access.  A food pantry, if you find yourself without enough food to eat, counseling and referral services, learning disability support and career guidance.  We also have financial help for those who really need it. You name it – we can help provide it.

We know that all of our students have challenges and difficult lives.  It is not easy juggling everything.  So if you need some help, know that we are all here to support you.

Have a wonderful fall semester, and stop by and say hello any time. My office is in the Duffy Administration building, alongside Founders Hall. The door is always open.


Michael A. Rooke, Ph.D.
Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Mission Statement

The mission of Northwestern Connecticut Community College is to inspire learning through accessible, high quality education. NCCC is devoted to enriching lives by meeting individual and community needs in a supportive environment, while facilitating access to lifelong learning opportunities.

Vision Statement

By encouraging a dedication to inquiry and a respect for others, Northwestern Connecticut Community College aspires to cultivate in its students the ability to understand the complex modern world, both locally and globally, and the leadership skills to be full and active participants in society.