Student Activities

Northwestern Connecticut Community College is a vibrant, active campus with a wide range of clubs and activities. There is something for everyone here at NCCC! Whether you’re interested in student government, health and fitness, community service, academic clubs or even if you have an idea for a new campus activity or club, NCCC students have the chance to take part in them all if they want!

Northwestern Connecticut Community College’s Activities Office is home to NCCC’s student government, the Student Senate. The office is located in Green Woods Hall, Room 110 and creates the Campus Voice newsletter. Any and all submissions for the Campus Voice are welcomed through this office. NCCC’s Activities Office is also active in supporting a variety of clubs and organizations on campus, as well as helps students form new clubs.

For more information on NCCC’s Activities Office, please call the office at 860.738.6344 or 860.738.6343 or email at

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Activity Waiver:

In order for students and or club members to participate in any in-person activities, they must fill an activity waiver prior to participating in the event/trip or activity.No Exceptions.

You may will it out here:  Activity Waiver

Upcoming Student Activities
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NCCC Mascot:

Meet Maddie the Moose!


Campus Voice

The Campus Voice is a monthly newsletter that is comprised of important information, upcoming events, past events you may have missed, and announcements. It also includes a section entitled “The No Sleep Squad,” a student produced section including writings on topics that interest them that they wish to share with the campus community.

Current Edition: October 2021 Campus Voice

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The Campus Voice

Remembrance Garden

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Campus Clubs

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Volunteer Opportunities and Community Service

Integrating academic achievement with community involvement is a priority at NCCC. Not only does it help NCCC neighbors in need, it also helps students achieve their personal and career goals. Mainly because if you’re thinking about transferring to a four-year college or university after your time at NCCC, those schools often look for community service on transfer applications. Many large corporations also look for community service work on job applications. There are many opportunities at NCCC to get involved and make a difference!