NCCC Ambassadors Program

Learn about our Campus Ambassadors below and contact them for more information. Email them with the subject line “Talk to an Ambassador” to learn about their experience at NCCC or to attend one of their classes.

Alexis Ambassador


Liberal Arts and Sciences A.S.

Contact Alexis: agalg0001@mail.ct.edu

Housatonic Valley Regional High School

“I chose NCCC in order to receive a quality education at an extremely affordable cost. My future aspirations require me to be financially strategic, thus, community college was the perfect choice. “

English Composition

‘So far, my favorite professor has been Frank Grgach because he sticks to realism when teaching. He never beats around the bush, he says it how is it and that is something I deeply respect in a professor. On top of this, he remains flexible in order assist his students accordingly. He once told my class, “If its 10 o’clock at night, and I need to tutor a student over video chat, then we’ll make it happen. I’ve done it before”. ‘

At NCCC, I am apart of the TSS (Student Success Scholars) program. Out of NCCC, I partake in taekwondo, which I’ve been involved with for about 9 years now. My interests include hiking, reading, working out, snowboarding, and making good quality food.

“I anticipate to graduate NCCC after two years, in the spring of 2023. From there, from plan is to transfer to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado (a four year college). At Colorado State University, I plan to major in Nutritional Sciences, with a concentration in nutrition and fitness. My long term goal after college is to start my own health and wellness business.”



General Studies (A.S.)

Contact Charli: aklei0021@mail.ct.edu

Haddam-Killingworth High School

“I chose NCCC originally because of the Environmental Science program offered here, and even when my interests changed, I chose to stay because the campus is beautiful, and the many resources are easily accessible.”

“My favorite class right now is Principles of Sociology”

“My favorite professor is Dr. Charles Kelly because even though he is on the older side, he is still very current. He also always makes it a point to make the class laugh, which always brightens my day.”

“I am a student worker in the Admissions Department and am looking to join at least one club, now that I know what to expect from college.”

“After NCCC, I want to transfer to a 4-year university to get a bachelor’s degree in English. I’m hoping that I will find a job in the publishing/editing industry while I am in school to jumpstart my career.”



Liberal Arts and Sciences (A.S.)

Contact Isabella: ijaco0004@mail.ct.edu

Northwestern Regional #7 High School

“I chose NCCC because I had heard of all of the different opportunities at this school, ranging from internships to TSS! I also had heard of the PACT program, where I could attend NCCC for free, and thought it would be an amazing advantage to begin my college career without debt!”

Principles of Statistics

“My favorite professor is Dr. Whitaker because he keeps lectures super interesting and is always willing to help on an assignment.”

“I am currently an intern at the American Mural Project and also have been working at Northwest Gymnastics for the past 2 1/2 years. My other interests include skateboarding with my little brother and binge watching reality TV shows.”

Spring 2022; transfer to the UCONN Business school via the GAP program

Kit Fitch 1



Oliver Wolcott Technical High School

It was more cost-effective and recommended approach, then I’ll go on to a 4-year college.

“I enjoy my chemistry classes because the instructor Doug Mooney tries to make them fun and entertaining.”

“If I had to pick a favorite Professor, it would probably have to be Doug Mooney. He teaches chemistry because he enjoys it and always tries to make the class if not enjoyable, than less tedious, and is also the group leader of after school Dungeons & Dragons Club.”

“I am part of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club that meets after school and also part of the Teams Success Scholars Program. Some of my hobbies include hiking and climbing trees.”

My next step towards the goal of becoming a mechanical engineer would be to transfer to a 4-year college and complete my education there. 



Liberal Arts and Sciences A.S.

Contact Lena: lneri0002@mail.ct.edu

Waterbury Arts Magnet School

“I choose NCCC because I felt the school had a lot of amazing opportunities. I choose community college as a way to save money while trying to figure out what I wanted to major in.”

American Government

“Professor Todd Bryda because he makes the classes fun and interesting while keeping students engaged.”

Through NCCC am I involved with Team Success Scholars, internship at American Mural Project, working in Human Resources Office at NCCC. My hobby is working on race cars.

“I plan to attend a 4-year college once I graduate from NCCC in Spring 2022.”

Mackenzie ambassador pic


General Studies A.S., Pre-Nursing Track

Contact Mackenzie: mmuzz0004@mail.ct.edu

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

Affordability, nursing program

Principles of Sociology

“Prof. Kelly because he engages us through his lectures and uses real life examples when explaining concepts.”

Extracurriculars: Team success scholars, outdoor adventure club secretary, Phi theta kappa
Interests: reading, the outdoors

“Graduate Spring 2024, then transfer to an online BSN program and start working “

Mila ambassador


Psychology Studies A.A.

Contact Mila: mmark0048@mail.ct.edu

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

“I chose NCCC for the location, it is 10 minutes away from my house. As well as the community TSS provides. They make an effort to help everyone involved and that really makes me feel like I have the support I need to succeed!”

Intro to Human Services

“Professor Kelly is my favorite professor because it is clear that he is very capable, smart, and understanding with his teaching methods. His main goal is to teach us, instead of just making us memorize for tests.”

“I’m involved with a Community Action Planning Project that interview immigrants who have moved to Torrington, with help from the Historical Society.
I’m interested in human services, as well as political science. I would like to work with people who are struggling with abuse, substance abuse, etc.”

“Graduate in Spring 2022. I’m not sure what 4 year college I want to transfer to but I’m sure I want to finish the 4 years, and move on to higher education.”