NCCC Ambassadors Program

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Biomolecular Sciences

Torrington High School

I chose NCCC because it is a much less expensive option for a college experience than going straight into a four-year university and it has proven to be the better option.


Doug Mooney is my favorite professor because he is very helpful and teaches us in a way that we can understand.

I like working out, listening to music, and meeting new people.

Transfer to University of Connecticut after earning my associate degree.

General Biology II and General Physics II

erin sullivan_1


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

I chose NCCC because after taking classes my senior year of high school through the High School Partnership Program, I fell in love with the supportive community and the amazing staff.

Psychology because the lessons were engaging and the class size was very small. I was able to really connect with my professor and felt comfortable asking for help/clarification on certain concepts.

My favorite professor so far is Professor Bruce – I love her teaching style! She breaks down the lessons in a way that makes algebra much more understandable for me.

I am currently in the Team Success Scholars program at NCCC, which has helped me get jobs on campus, and I work full time.

Transfer to a 4- year college, however I am still deciding on a major.

Elementary Spanish II and Principles of Human Body

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General Studies

Litchfield High School

It is close to the farm where I live and was the best financial choice for me.

English (I love writing.)

Professor Todd Bryda. He is funny and is great at lecturing. He makes time go by quickly!

The Voice (school newspaper), Hula Hoop Club, Team Success Scholars. I LOVE organizing and color-coding.

I hope to transfer to Quinnipiac University for video production. I currently work in the maintenance department on campus. I also worked in the tutoring center.

Software Applications (Monday 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.)

ian S.


Liberal Arts and Science, Data Science Certificate

The Gilbert School

Great place to start my education and create contacts to help network and learn about transferring.

I’ve enjoyed all my classes thus far, but currently it’s pottery for non-majors.

Doug Mooney; he’s very supportive, knowledgeable, able to connect you with anyone you need and easy to talk to.

Just joined American Association of University Women (AAUW) and I am the President of the Dungeons and Dragons Club.

Applying to Worchester State University for Information Technology and Networking.



Early Childhood Education

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

I chose NCCC because I live close by so I am able to easily go back and forth to the college whenever I need to. I also chose this college because it is small. Professors know their students’ names have time to meet with students if they need.

Intro to Early Childhood Education class

My favorite professor is Michele Better. She cares about her students and makes sure that they are on the correct course for getting where they want to go.

Team Success Scholars program, Early Childhood Education Association, and volunteering in my community.

After I graduate from NCCC, I want to transfer to a four-year college to get my teaching certification and become an elementary school teacher.

Computer Applications and Pottery for Non-majors



Liberal Arts and Science

Housatonic Valley Regional High School

I chose this school because it was the best fit for me right after graduation. I could still be at home, but still get my feet in the water for my college career. It was also the more reasonable option for expenses. You can get your first two years out of the way for a cheaper cost than going straight into a four-year school.

It’s a tie between two classes: my English class and my photography class. My English class because Professor Whitaker—he is able to make the content interesting and easy to follow. I love photography as well! It’s one of my favorite hobbies. I took a photography class in high school and absolutely fell in love. And I was so excited when I found out that NCCC offered the class.

Something that I’m involved in here on campus is the AAUW (American Association of University Women). It’s my first year joining the club. But I’ve been interested in women’s empowerment for quite a while. I’m also a member of Team Success Scholars.

My plan is to graduate from NCCC with my associate degree, then transfer my credits to a four-year college to get my bachelors. I want to become a social worker, so I’ll also get my masters degree. I want to work with kids. Specifically, I want to help kids get adopted. I also want to minor in art photography. I hope to incorporate my photography with my social work in the work field.

Principles of Sociology and Intro to Human Services

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Oliver Wolcott Technical High School

It was more cost-effective and recommended approach, then I’ll go on to a 4-year college.

I like Professor Grgach because he keeps the class interesting with jokes and humorous remarks.

I am involved in Team Success Scholars and the Vice President of Dungeons and Dragons club. Some of my interests including building, hiking, reading and machining. 

My next step towards the goal of becoming a mechanical engineer would be to transfer to a 4-year college and complete my education there. 




Housatonic Valley Regional High School

I was looking for a learning environment that would not only challenge me, but most importantly, allow me to take that productive and reflective time necessary to project and design my career plans. NCCC offers me that and opens up doors for much more: it offers the Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP), i.e. students who meet certain prerequisites are guaranteed admission to UCONN. Through this, I would save at least $18,430 in tuition, acquire my prerequisites, and earn an Associate Degree in just two years. In addition to this, the President-to-President Scholarship which grants GAP transfer students $2,000 per semester, for four semesters is a momentous enticement. Last but not least, NCCC offers a program eloquently named Team Success. Made up of 28 students, all opportunely benefit from “mentoring, academic tutoring, career and educational guidance, financial assistance with tuition, books, and transportation, paid internships, on-campus employment, and merit stipends.”

History II and Psychology

Professor Janice Cardaro and Todd Bryda.

Since my first day in Professor Cardaro’s class, I absolutely adored her. She has had the most outstanding and inspiring life. She has visited 35 countries and lived in four. She is a sailor and speaks many languages. Pr. Cardaro is so knowledgeable of other cultures, and passionately shares her precious knowledge in her teaching. I immensely valued her instruction during the first day of class, they revealed a full-fledged view of her expectations of the learning outcomes. Furthermore, I am in awe of her attention-grabbing stories that she tells us about her experiences abroad. This makes a three-hour-long class a pleasurable and enjoyable moment.

Professor Todd Bryda is one of my favorite professors of all time, he is so passionate and enthusiastic about history, you can’t help but feel the same way when you are in his class. He is likewise one of the funniest people I have ever met. He makes the class extremely interesting and his knowledge about this field is beyond what I ever noticed in any other teacher before. You know for sure you are walking out the classes having learned so much.

Phi Theta Kappa, AAUW, Team Success, painting, playing piano and guitar, photography, and horse riding 

Earn my associate degree at NCCC, transfer to a 4-year college (UCONN), earn a bachelor’s degree and graduate medical school.



Early Childhood Education

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

I chose NCCC because of the professors and the administrators. This school make you feel safe and allows you to go at your own pace despite your struggles. I struggle with a learning disability and all I have gotten from this college is support. I am honored to be a part of Team Success and continue to grow because the wonderful administration is always a welcoming hand on the other side of the door and for the first time in my life it feels as if the door is open and not closed. This school has shaped me into the person I always wanted to be.

Every professor at this college is an inspiration and a beautiful helping hand. My favorite professor would have to be my advisor Michele Better. She never allows you to feel anything less than at your greatest potential, welcoming you into her program with a beautiful warm positivity.

My personal interests are helping the community and the students as much as possible. I was an intern for the American Mural Project, running a 2018 Summer Camp. I volunteer at the Winsted Library on occasion to help children after school. I also am a part of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) group on campus. 

I would love to transfer to University of St. Joseph. I love helping the young and the old. The young are the future and the old are our souls that shape us into the future.

General Psychology, Student Teaching I, and Observation Participation and Seminar