NCCC Ambassadors Program

Learn about our Campus Ambassadors below and contact them for more information. Email them with the subject line “Talk to an Ambassador” to learn about their experience at NCCC or to attend one of their classes.

erin sullivan_1


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Contact Erin:

Northwestern Regional 7 High School

“I chose NCCC because I took classes here through the High School Partnership Program my senior year of high school, and fell in love with its sense of community and support.”

“My favorite class is criminal justice, taught by one of my favorite professors, Mike Emanuel.”

“Professor Mike Emanuel. All of his classes are structured the same so each week you know exactly what to expect. He cares about the success of his students and is great about consistently updating students on NCCC activities/available resources.”

“At NCCC I am also a part of a program called Team Success Scholars where I have opportunities to work both on and off campus for internships. I have worked at our campus food pantry, am an American Association of University Women (AAUW) member, and am a Phi Theta Kappa honors student.”

Transfer to a 4- year college, however I am still deciding on a major.

Philosophy, Spanish, Criminal Justice, and Western Civilization I

Kit Fitch 1



Contact Kit:

Oliver Wolcott Technical High School

It was more cost-effective and recommended approach, then I’ll go on to a 4-year college.

“I enjoy my chemistry classes because the instructor Doug Mooney tries to make them fun and entertaining.”

“If I had to pick a favorite Professor, it would probably have to be Doug Mooney. He teaches chemistry because he enjoys it and always tries to make the class if not enjoyable, than less tedious, and is also the group leader of after school Dungeons & Dragons Club.”

“I am part of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club that meets after school and also part of the Teams Success Scholars Program. Some of my hobbies include hiking and climbing trees.”

My next step towards the goal of becoming a mechanical engineer would be to transfer to a 4-year college and complete my education there. 

General Chemistry 1, Public Speaking, Object-Orientated Programming Using Java, Introduction to Engineering and Yoga



Liberal Arts and Sciences (A.S.)

Contact Isabella:

Northwestern Regional #7 High School

“I chose NCCC because I had heard of all of the different opportunities at this school, ranging from internships to TSS! I also had heard of the PACT program, where I could attend NCCC for free, and thought it would be an amazing advantage to begin my college career without debt!”

Principles of Statistics

“My favorite professor is Dr. Whitaker because he keeps lectures super interesting and is always willing to help on an assignment.”

“I am currently an intern at the American Mural Project and also have been working at Northwest Gymnastics for the past 2 1/2 years. My other interests include skateboarding with my little brother and binge watching reality TV shows.”

Spring 2022; transfer to the UCONN Business school via the GAP program