If you would like to request a Dual Enrollment course on your high school campus or a Satellite Enrollment course on your high school campus, please visit our Credit Opportunities for High School Students page or review the Credit Opportunities for High School Students Handbook.

High School Partnership Program @ NCCC


The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) is a unique program designed to provide eligible high school juniors and seniors from NCCC’s service region the opportunity to register for a maximum of two (2) college level courses each semester, at no charge, while they are still in high school.

Please note: All HSPP students must meet the applicable prerequisites for the course/s they wish to take. HSPP courses are available on a space-available basis.

Tuition and fees for selected HSPP students is waived for fall and spring semesters. (Summer courses are not offered for the HSPP.) All HSPP students must pay for all required course textbooks, supplies, and transportation.


  • Students with a minimum of a “B” average are eligible to apply for the HSPP.
  • Students interested in participating in the HSPP should discuss their interest with their high school counselor and then complete all of the necessary paperwork, including the minor consent form, before the application deadlines noted below.
  • The College reserves the right to render all final decisions on HSPP application submissions. In addition, submitting an HSPP application does not automatically guarantee that a student will be eligible to participate in HSPP.
  • Students that wish to participate in the HSPP must successfully complete all NCCC courses and reapply to the HSPP program each semester. Students should consider their appropriateness for the High School Partnership Program and course selection carefully.

All HSPP application and registration materials must be received by:

  • November 15th for spring semester courses
  • June 15th for fall semester courses
    (Because of college course capacity and other enrollment limitations that exist, all HSPP application materials that arrive after the noted deadlines will not be considered.)

Procedures & Forms:

To be considered for HSPP, all students must:

  • Be a resident of NCCC’s service area towns and cities.
  • Demonstrate a “B” grade average in high school courses.
  • Review and complete the HSPP application in consultation with their assigned school counselor and/or another designated high school administrator. A parent’s signature is required on the HSPP application if the under the age of 18 as well as the minor student consent form.
  • Submit official high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores.
  • Complete the college’s Math and English placement test.
  • Submit all completed materials before the noted deadlines.

Course Listing:

On the HSPP application form, participants may request any four courses they wish to. Our full course curriculum can be viewed here. We will sit with each applicant after placement testing to advise whether the classes requested still have space availability and if the student has met the prerequisite.

For High School Counselors:
High School Partnership program overview and procedures form.

For more information please contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 860.738.6330.