Prior to completing an I-20 for any foreign student seeking admission to Northwestern Connecticut Community College, it is required that the documents listed below be submitted to the Admissions Office. All documents must be translated into English and validated or notarized as being an official and accurate translation.

An I-20 will not be issued until all items noted below are submitted to the admissions office:

  • Student must complete an application to the College. Please be advised that some of our programs (nursing, veterinary technology) are selective and have special admissions requirements. Our selective programs are noted in the college catalog.
  • Provide proof, in the form of official transcripts or diplomas, of completion of secondary school/high school (documents must be in English).
  • Foreign students who have completed university level studies in their home country must have their academic records translated into English and evaluated to U.S. academic equivalencies by an accredited agency such as World Educational Services if they wish to apply any of their previous university work to their NCCC degree program.
  • Foreign students applying from overseas must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam and submit the official score to the college. Currently the minimum required is 500 for the written version and 173 on the computerized version, and 61 on the internet based version. All students must also take College Placement Assessment prior to enrolling at the College.  
  • If the financial sponsor is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Form I-134 must be utilized. This form may be accessed directly from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at
  • If the financial sponsor is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, a notarized bank statement and/or other financial documents indicating the sponsor’s net worth must be provided to the college. The financial statement must be in English and note currency values in U.S. dollar equivalencies. Currently, annual expenses are estimated at about $46,000 for a two year degree (2 fall terms, 2 Spring terms, and 1 summer term).
  • Connecticut law requires that students submit proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella immunization form.
  • Due to recent changes in USCIS procedures, applicants must provide the admissions office evidence of their housing or living arrangements while in the United States (a Connecticut address required) as well as their permanent address in their home country using the Letter of Resident form. Once in the United States, any changes to their Connecticut address must be reported to the admissions office and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) with Form AR-11.
  • Student must complete an I-20 Request form.

The Admissions Director will meet with applicants and/or process the I-20 form only after all of the above paperwork is completed by the applicant.

International Transfer students

Students who have already received the F-1 status and currently attend another college or university may transfer to Northwestern CT Community College as long as they have already received F-1 status and are in good academic standing. In addition to the documents noted above, F- 1 students requesting a transfer to Northwestern must provide verification from their current institution that they are eligible to transfer, have maintained good academic standing, forward an official transcript from their current institution, and complete the Transfer Information Form.
Changing Your Visa Status to F-1

If you wish to discuss changing your current visa status, you must first prepare and then present all the documents noted above to the Admissions Office prior to making an appointment. Since the Admissions Office does not provide legal advice on immigration matters or opinions on whether you are eligible to change your status, you may wish to research your eligibility by contacting the USCIS web site at:

International students pay out-of-state tuition rates and are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

Please Note:

  • An I-20 cannot be issued until all of the above documents are submitted to the Admissions Office for review.
  • Every international student must be enrolled full-time (twelve (12) or more credits) in both fall and spring semesters. However, international students are not required to register for summer courses.

For more information, contact Kalia Kellogg, Interim Director of Enrollment Management at 860.738.6356.