Appointments for Advising and Counseling Services

To book an appointment with one of our advisors, please fill out and submit one of the forms below. We look forward to helping you!


If you are a new student and you would like to book an appointment with an advisor, please fill out and submit one of the forms below. We look forward to helping you!


During the school year, current students planning for the next semester should meet with their program advisor. However, if you are unable to meet with your program advisor, an advisor in the Center for Student Development will be glad to assist you.

During the summer, continuing students should schedule an appointment with the Center for Student Development.

Holistic Case Management Advising (HCMA) policy

The Holistic Case Management Advising (HCMA) policy was approved by the Board of Regents in April 2020, resulting in the creation of the Guided Pathways Advising (GPA) program. Guided Pathways Advising is a dynamic student-centered holistic approach grounded in student development and learning. Guided Pathways Advisors align advising practices with the diverse and unique needs of each individual student in their caseload. GPAs advise, advocate, mentor, support, and coach their caseload to reach their individual goals.  The GPA program will launch at NCCC during the 2021-2022 academic year and students can expect the following resources:

  • All students will be assigned to GPA staff member.
  • The GPA staff member will connect with their advisees at beginning of the semester and periodically throughout the semester/year.
  • The GPA staff member’s primary goal to support students in developing and reaching their academic/career goal(s).
  • The GPA staff member will check-in and provide resources and referrals to promote success.
  • The GPA program does not replace faculty advising and students should continue to meet with their faculty advisor.

GPA Mission Statement:

All community college students, from initial registration to completion, are supported by Guided Pathways Advisors to establish academic and career goals, receive proactive and individualized academic and holistic supports that result in the timely and equitable completion of credentials that lead to employment, transfer, and family sustainable wages.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Students receive deliberate and personalized supports necessary to contribute to their success.
  2. Faculty advising is central to the GPA model.
  3. Guided Pathways Advising is grounded in institutional collaboration.
  4. Commitment to bold and disruptive change through the advancement of equitable advising practices.
  5. Guided Pathways Advisors pledge to empower students and staff to advance racial, social, and economic justice while identifying and responding to student barriers.
  6. Evidence-based research informs advising practice.
  7. Data is collected, disaggregated, analyzed, and reported in a transparent manner.
  8. Student voices are amplified by honoring lived experiences and by highlighting their unique assets to develop meaningful advising relationships.
  9. Ongoing professional learning and individual staff development is fundamental to the model.