November 29, 2017 James Revillini

Early Childhood Education Certificate


Becoming Connecticut State Community College

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This certificate program prepares students with a foundation to work as early care and education providers. All courses are applicable to the Early Childhood Education Associate in Science Degree.

Faculty Contact

Tracy M. Smith-Michnowicz, M.A.
Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education | (860) 738-6305


Upon successful completion of certificate requirements early childhood graduates will know and be able to:
1. Promote and foster appropriate ongoing child development and learning.
2. Build family, staff and community collaborative relationships.
3. Observe, document and assess to support young children and their families.
4. Create and implement developmentally and culturally appropriate learning opportunities for young children in a variety of teaching/ learning environments.
5. Become an engaging, reflective, intentionally practicing professional who demonstrates skills for advocacy.




ECE* 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 credits
ECE* 231 Early Language and Literacy – 3 credits
ECE* Elective (ECE* 109, ECE* 206, ECE* 225)
ENG* 101 Composition – 3 credits


ECE* 182 Child Development – 3 credits
ECE* 215 Exceptional Learner – 3 credits
ECE* Elective (EDU* 102, ECE* 103, ECE* 206, ECE* 275)
PSY* 111 General Psychology – 3 credits