November 27, 2017 James Revillini

Deaf Studies



The Deaf Studies Certificate is designed for those students whose goal is to work with Deaf people in various entry level jobs.  This one-year program provides students with advanced ASL skills and an in-depth understanding of the Deaf Community focusing on a bilingual- bicultural approach.  Students will learn the foundations of ASL in the classroom.  However, a key component of developing proficiency in ASL is frequent interaction with Deaf ASL signers. Therefore, as part of their course requirements, students are required to interact with signing Deaf people at various events both virtual and in person. 


  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Residential program counselors
  • Job coaches
  • Communication specialist
  • Deaf community advocate
  • Paraprofessional with the Deaf


Dr. Sarah Bement, sbement@nwcc.edu, 860.738.6382


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:

  1. Communicate at an advanced level using American Sign Language.
  2. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of and sensitivity to American Deaf culture.
  3. Describe the major characteristics of ASL literature and storytelling.
  4. Understand the linguistic aspects of American Sign Language.
  5. Educate others with information on deafness and available resources



Fall Semester
7-week courses
Session 1 Session 2 Credits
ASL 101 American Sign Language 1 ASL 102 American Sign Language 2 6
Full Semester courses
DSC 101 Visual Gestural Communications 3
Spring Semester
7-week courses
Session 1 Session 2 Credits
ASL 201 American Sign Language 3 ASL 202 American Sign Language 4 6
ASL 205 Linguistics of ASL 3
Full Semester courses
DSC 112 Deaf Communities: Fact and Perspective 3
DSC 222 Field Experience (on site with ONLINE reporting) 3 credits 3
Total Credits 24