August 15, 2019 Tara Jo Holmberg

Manufacturing Design Certificate

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Click here for more details about this merger.

NCCC’s Manufacturing Design Certificate prepares students to operate, program, and set-up typical CNC milling/turning machines, as well as design parts in 3-dimensional software.

This certificate can be paired with other manufacturing certificates and NCCC’s Technology Studies – Manufacturing Option Associates Degree. Students are eligible to obtain several National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) credentials as part of this certificate.


Sharon Gusky,, 860.738.6395
Doug Mooney,, 860.738.6401


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ability to interpret basic OSHA requirements, MSDS information, and general shop safety;/li>
  2. Identify a router / job sheet and interpret information as needed to operate a CNC machine;
  3. Demonstrate the ability to read basic part prints as it relates to gauging, dimensioning, and tolerancing;
  4. Safely power up, locate and load a program, home, and shut down a CNC machine;
  5. Operate a number of different program types on a CNC machine;
  6. Complete solid models, and associated detail and assembly drawings in SolidWorks.


MFG* 156 Manufacturing Machinery: CNC I – 2 credits

MFG* 258 Manufacturing Machiner: CNC Operations – 3 credits
CAD* 220 3D Parametric Design (SolidWorks) – 3 credits

Total Credits 8