November 27, 2017 James Revillini

Medical Assistant Certificate


Program Coordinator: Jane O'Grady, 860.738.6393

The mission of the NCCC Medical Assisting certificate is to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants who are knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate individuals cross-trained to perform many administrative and clinical duties used in the variety of outpatient healthcare facilities.

Jane O’Grady,, 860.738.6393

1. Perform all medical assisting skills at entry level competency.
2. Demonstrate and utilize the principles of medical asepsis and standard precautions, as well as other safety precautions.
3. Recognize emergency situations and respond appropriately to emergency care techniques in various life-threatening situations.
4. Obtain and effectively chart all pertinent patient data.
5. Apply knowledge and skills of various clinical procedures such as vitals, laboratory testing, and other diagnostic and medical procedures.
6. Utilize and interpret medical terminology.
7. Demonstrate basic pharmacology, dosage calculations, and routes for administration of medications.
8. Provide education to patients, families, and other care givers on various healthcare including preventative and treatment regimes.
9. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the human body including structure, function and basic pathologies.
10. Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate and effective application of legal and ethical standards of practice.

MED* 111 Administrative Medical Assisting – 3 credits
MED* 125 Medical Terminology – 3 credits
MED* 133 Clinical Medical Assisting w/Lab – 4 credits
MED* 242 Clinical Procedures – 4 credits
MED* 112 Medical Insurance & Billing – 3 credits
MED* 245 Clinical Laboratory Procedures & Practices w/Lab – 4 credits
MED* 250 Principles of Pharmacology – 3 credits
MED*250L  Principles of Pharmacology  Lab  1 Credit
PHL* 112 Medical Ethics – 3 credits
HIM* 203 Pathophysiology – 3 credits
MED* 281 Medical Assisting Externship – 4 credits ♦

♦ All coursework for MED*, BIO* and PHL* 112 must be completed prior to Externship. Students must have current Professional CPR and First Aid Certification during the entire externship experience. There is a mandatory preexternship meeting in the semester prior to enrollment in MED* 281.