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Updated January 6th, 2022

Dear Northwestern Community,

After careful discussion with CSCU leadership and all of the college CEOs, I’d like to share with you our plans for the next two weeks.

Please note that any plans could change at any time, with little notice, given how fluid the COVID situation is.

  • The primary expectation that we should all have is to be fully open to students for classes beginning on January 21st.  To help us prepare for that, we will re-open all offices starting next week.
  • We will remain remote through January 7th but pivot back to on-campus beginning January 10th.
  • I have requested that all faculty be prepared to go to fully remote at any time should conditions get more severe.  We will be on standby to provide for any students who do not have the required technology, as best we can.
  • Starting January 10th, offices will re-open to students, and staff are to return to their offices. In offices with two or more staff, to maximize distancing, we can use an A-B schedule in that situation for the week of January 10th.  Please work with your supervisor to determine the best way to schedule to maximize distancing, yet keep our offices open.
  • All supervisors are requested to develop their staff schedules and share those with staff to provide coverage as above.
  • Starting January 18th (Jan 17th is MLK day and we will be closed), we will return to full campus operations as we open the spring semester.
  • All safety protocols are still in-place and expected to be followed by all members of the community at all times.

The spring class schedule is balanced between online, hybrid and on-ground and we feel that this provides the maximum benefits to students, irrespective of which modality they prefer.

We will maintain distancing in all classrooms and offices and testing and vaccinations will continue to be offered on campus.

Please reach out to Assoc. Dean Plessinger with any questions that you have.

An announcement will be forthcoming from CSCU President Cheng.

Best wishes and please stay safe

Michael A. Rooke, Ph.D.
Northwestern Connecticut Community College——–
Interim President
Connecticut State Community College

Updated January 19th, 2022

Covid-19 Testing On-Campus

Covid-19 Testing is available on-campus for students, staff, and faculty who are required to have a weekly test or need a test due to possible exposure. Please see the schedule below for location and hours starting on January 24th:

Spring 2022 Covid Testing Schedule:

Location: Learning Resource Center – Large Draper Conference Room #102 (lower level)
Mondays – 10:30 am to 1:30 pm (except Holidays)

Updated August 25th, 2021

STUDENT COVID-19 Mask, Physical Distancing and Testing Guidelines
Effective for the 2021-2022 AY or until rescinded
For the Connecticut Community Colleges

The COVID-19 Mask, Physical Distancing and Testing Guidelines are in effect to foster a safe learning environment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) is requiring vaccination of its community members to the greatest extent possible, it is not yet known what percentage of the campus community is unvaccinated for medical or other reasons. Until such time that herd immunity can be attained, it is important that everyone continue to do their part to protect the health and personal well-being of others within our communities.

Therefore, the following rules are in effect:

1.      Masks.

All students MUST wear masks, covering their mouth and nose while indoors on campus. All on-ground classes will be off-limits to students who refuse to wear masks.  Students are permitted to remove their mask while actively eating and drinking but must replace the mask immediately after.

Masking will not be required outside of buildings. However, we strongly encourage those who are not vaccinated to continue to wear masks outside.  Campus leaders may deem masks necessary at certain outdoor larger events with mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations in attendance.

Students who refuse to wear a mask may only participate in remote learning and online classes.

If a student is not able to wear a mask due to a documented disability or medical reason, the student must seek an accommodation from Disability/AccessAbility Office prior to arriving on campus.

2.      Physical Distancing Requirement.

Students should maintain three (3’) feet of physical distancing while indoors on campus, where possible.

3.      Testing.

All students who are unvaccinated (including ones who have received exemptions) or have not documented their vaccine status, must comply with COVID-19 testing conducted weekly on campus as required by the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.  Please check your college email daily for information on the mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing program.

4.      Enforcement.

Designated Faculty and staff have the authority to enforce these rules.  Should a student fail to comply and not wear a mask, wear it correctly, keep it on, after receiving a directive/warning to put it on (and they are not exempt due to receiving an accommodation from the institution), the offending student will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct/Student Affairs for disciplinary intervention.

Students who fail to comply with the above rules are subject to removal from the campus as outlined in the CSCU Student Code of Conduct and may be required to participate in online-only coursework. Possible sanctions for disciplinary violations range from a warning to expulsion from the institution.

Updated July 9th, 2021

Vaccine Requirements – Please visit
or information and answers to your questions regarding the recently passed Board of Regents Vaccination Mandate as it pertains to both students and employees.

Important Student Online Resources Guide for Spring 2022

The link above provides a very useful guide for all students in the Spring 2022 semester, with information on all college services.

Review brief CDC Information videos

Helpful Resources and Links