The Marketing/Public Relations and Graphics Department provides the following services to the college:

  • Marketing and Public Relations Consultation
  • Advertising and Promotional Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Print & Photography Production
    • Ads
    • Brochures
    • Schedules
    • Logos & graphics
    • College Event Photography
    • Digital Document Conversion and Consultation
    • Limited Color Printing: Paper sizes are restricted to 8.5″x11″(Letter) and 11″x17″(Tabloid).Send document saved in PDF format. Microsoft Publisher documents cannot be printed. Due to the high cost of inkjet cartridges, please limit your request to 50 COPIES MAXIMUM for 8.5″X11″ & 10 COPIES MAXIMUM for 11″X17″.
  • Website Content Design and Consultation
    • Content updates and revisions
    • Events & News Listings
    • Special Event Pages

*Social Media Postings (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is handled by Tara Holmberg (see below for contact information).


Submission Guidelines:

Please be prepared to discuss the following: what you want to achieve, audience, objective, message, medium, tone and image, deadline, budget and approval process. The department will confer to confirm timelines, budgets, etc., and schedule the job. NOTICE: NEW PROJECTS MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. PLEASE AVOID LAST MINUTE REQUESTS.



Marketing & Public Relations
Grantley Adams
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
gadams@nwcc.edu | 860.738.6349

Graphics: Print/Photography/Website
Duc Tinh
Graphics Specialist/Website Manager
dtinh@nwcc.edu | 860.738.6349

*Social Media Postings: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
Tara Jo Holmberg
Professor in Biology/Department Chair 
tholmberg@nwcc.edu | 860.738.8636