January 30, 2018 James Revillini

Experience College — Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Be a college student for the day! Learn about our college and its programs; take a class that is specifically designed for your interests; meet College professors and students!

You will attend one workshop in this program. We will do our best to grant you your top choice, but space is limited.

If you have any questions, please email us at admissions@nwcc.edu or call us at (860) 738-6330 and ask to speak with Kalia or Karissa.

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Register by March 8 to be considered for the program.

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  • *You will attend one workshop in this program. We will do our best to grant you your top choice, but space is limited. If viewing on mobile, scroll down for workshop descriptions.

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Workshops and Agenda

Experience American Sign Language
Can you communicate with no words? YES you can. American Sign Language (ASL) is the way that Deaf people communicate. Join Dr. Bement and Professor Brown to learn how to “talk” with your hands and discuss the careers that involve ASL and working with Deaf people.

Experience Early Childhood Education
Learn about NCCC’s Early Childhood Education Program from Professor Michele Better. Come enjoy hands-on activities while we discuss the many opportunities in the growing field of early childcare and education, such as paraprofessional and other positions.

Experience Fine Arts
Create an expressive self-portrait using a photo of yourself as a starting point! Layer images and textures to convey information about yourself. Professors Janet Nesteruk and Susan Berg will start the workshop by taking digital portraits of each participant. Next, we will layer art materials to create compelling and unique works of art.

Experience Forensic Science/Criminal Investigations
Learn how to process a crime scene through a mock scenario by interviewing “suspects,” collecting and analyzing evidence, and protecting the crime scene. Professor Mike Emanuel and NCCC students from the Criminal Justice Program will discuss career opportunities in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.

Experience Marketing
Participate in a hands-on business problem. Learn the concepts of market structure, gaining market share, and equilibrium price setting in the Bubble Gum industry. Professor Stacey Williams will discuss opportunities available in the business field, university transfer opportunities, and the importance of networking.

Experience Medical Professions
The healthcare field is changing rapidly and many new healthcare careers are now available. Learn about opportunities ranging from nursing, to medical assisting, to health information management, and more.

Experience Veterinary Technology
Are you interested in becoming a veterinary technologist? If so, join Dr. Cavanna at Experience College! Dr. Cavanna will provide an overview of the Veterinary Technology two-year program offered at NCCC. During the workshop you will learn about the many aspects of a Veterinary Technician’s job and participate in a hands-on activity.