When applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), there are many important deadlines to keep in mind. We ask all NCCC students applying for FAFSA to note the following priority deadlines:

To attend Fall & Spring 
New Students: July 1
Continuing & Readmitted Students: June 1
Suggested FAFSA Filing Date: April 15

To attend Summer Session 
New Students: N/A
Continuing & Readmitted Students: May 1*
Suggested FAFSA Filing Date: April 15

To attend Spring
New Students: Dec 1
Continuing & Readmitted Students: Dec 2
Suggested FAFSA Filing Date: Nov 1

*Paper summer enrollment form is required. Contact NCCC’s Financial Aid Office before the above date.

Note: NCCC’s Financial Aid Office accepts applications on a first-come first-served basis throughout the yearThe number of applications is far greater than the amounts of aid available. Therefore, it is highly recommended that applicants plan well in advance of the above dates to allow for processing time, opportunity to correct any errors and to obtain IRS Tax Return Transcripts. On-time applicants receive the earliest consideration for financial assistance before funds are exhausted. On-time applicants will be able to deduct the awarded grant aid from their tuition and fees charges. Any remaining funds may then be used to purchase books and supplies from NCCC’s Follett Book Store on campus.

Admissions acceptance after the Priority Deadlines will be processed on a rolling basis as long as NCCC campus-based funds are available. Note that applications may be selected for a process called “Verification” which requires that applicants and/or parents (or spouse) may be required to verify the financial information they reported on the FAFSA. Verification adds additional time to the financial aid application process. Plan and apply early to avoid any delays and access to financial aid funds when needed.