Pell grant lifetime maximums: The federal Pell grant will be limited to the equivalent of six full-time years of study. Once this amount has been reached, you will no longer be able to receive Pell grant funds. Make sure you work closely with your advisor to take only those classes you need for your degree so that you have Pell funds available after your transfer to a 4-year college! Pell is only available for undergraduate students.

Impact of Dropping Classes for Financial Aid Recipients

Required Attendance: All students receiving financial aid are required to attend all classes they register for. If you do not attend your on-ground class, or participate in your online class, your aid may be cancelled and you will be billed for deferred charges.

If you drop a class prior to the start of the semester:

  • You will be responsible for the fees attached to the dropped class.
  • These fees may come out of your book money. (NOT applicable to full withdrawals)
  • Future aid eligibility will not be affected.[hr]

If you drop a class in the first two weeks of the semester:

  • Your aid will not include coverage for dropped classes.
  • You will be billed for 50% of the tuition and fees for the dropped classes.
  • If you have book money, these charges will be deducted from your book money, resulting in less funds available for your books.
  • Future aid eligibility will not be affected.[hr]

If you drop a class after the third week, but prior to the 60% semester mark:

  • Your aid will cover the classes.
  • You will receive a ‘W’ on your transcript.
  • ‘W’s will count as attempted credits toward Satisfactory Academic Progress.*
  • Future aid eligibility will be affected.
  • If you completely withdraw from the college during this time, you may have to repay some of your grant funds.[hr]

If you drop a class after the 60% mark and prior to the college withdrawal deadline

  • Your aid will cover your classes.
  • You will not owe any refunds to the College.
  • Future aid eligibility will be affected.

Satisfactory Academic Progress: all students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and successful completion of at least 2/3 of all credits attempted in order to remain eligible for financial aid.