In keeping with student consumer requirements associated with federal student financial assistance, rights and responsibilities of Northwestern Connecticut Community College student financial aid applicants and recipients are stated below:


STUDENT APPLICANT RIGHTS – You have the right to know:

  • College policy regarding enrollment, attendance and satisfactory academic progress standards.
  • College policies regarding tuition, fees and other costs that must be paid, and any specific dates associated with payment, liability or refund.
  • The financial aid programs available to you and how and when to apply for them.
  • How financial aid eligibility is determined and funds are awarded.
  • Average student indebtedness (amount borrowed), default rate, and graduation rate by specific program of study.
  • Access to a net price calculator to assist in estimating out-of-pocket costs.
  • When loan funds are received and the number of disbursements.
  • When repayment will begin and what the average monthly payment is estimated to be, according to the type and amount of fees taken from a Federal Direct Loan.
  • Information pertaining to deferment of payment and opportunities for cancellation or forbearance and the right of accelerated early repayment without incurring interest penalty.
  • The consequences of student loan default.
  • How and when satisfactory academic progress is measured, the appeal and reinstatement policies and procedures.
  • That financial aid award packages may differ or adjust from time to time due to late application or changes in allocations of funds to NCCC, or a shortfall of funds caused by a larger number of students enrolling and accepting aid beyond the normal amounts expected.

To notify and appeal to NCCC’s Financial Aid Office about any special financial circumstances that have occurred, which affect your ability (or that of your parents or spouse, if applicable) to pay for your education at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.



  • To read and understand all information provided to you by NCCC’s Financial Aid Office, including information contained in the Northwestern Connecticut Community College Catalog.
  • To inform NCCC’S Financial Aid Office of any change in name, address, marital status, family size, receipt of awards from sources outside of the college such as grants or scholarships, including employer education reimbursement programs and changes in academic programs of study (degree or certificate programs).
  • To follow NCCC’s withdrawal policy in any instance of withdrawing from a course, or from all courses
  • To provide NCCC’s Financial Aid Office with true, accurate and complete information and required documentation promptly when requested.
  • To routinely access the Student Information System via the myCommNet portal to monitor your financial aid status, and note any requirements for verifying reported information which may include legible copies of Federal Income Tax Returns, W-2s, transcripts, verification worksheets, untaxed income benefit statements or any other required documentation.
  • To submit verification documents within 120 days after the last date of enrollment (no later than September 15) or otherwise forfeit payment of a Federal Pell Grant. The latest that a student may apply for a Federal Pell Grant is June 30 following the previous fall/spring award period. However, students should apply well in advance of the enrollment period in which they need the funds to be available to them.
  • To promptly inform NCCC’s Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment plans, acceptance or cancellation of Federal Direct Loan disbursements within 14 days of their disbursement.
  • To be cognizant and well-informed about the satisfactory academic progress policy and standards in order to continue to maintain eligibility for financial assistance.
  • To understand that NCCC reserves the right to make adjustments or revisions to financial aid awards should the applicant not register for classes in a timely manner, or the amount of funds available require such adjustment.
  • To review your financial aid package awards, note and understand the terms and conditions associated with specific financial aid programs. You are responsible to accept or decline any offer of a Federal Direct Loan or Work Study award by accessing your financial aid records contained in your records in Student Self-Service.
  • To complete Entrance or Exit Loan Counselling promptly when required to do so.
  • To complete the Admissions application process and to monitor your financial aid application status through use of the relevant dedicated websites.
  • To use all financial assistance solely for the purpose of meeting college costs.
  • To notify your lender seniors-site or loan servicer if your graduation date changes, if your name or address changes or you wish to seek a deferment of payment or other arrangement permitted through granting of forbearance.
  • To repay your loan(s) regardless of whether you have completed your education, are satisfied with your education or are unable to find a job.
  • To develop a realistic education financing plan by seeking out and planning to use financial assistance within the Priority Application deadlines established to promote success and maximum access to available funds.