NCCC Artist Entrepreneurs Series
Torrington, CT
Attended 1999-2002
Quality and Conflict 

How did NCCC inform your work as an Artist Entrepreneur?
I would say the biggest influence attending NCCC had on me starting Q&C was being introduced to different styles of design, I started to understand how to make the connection between art and creativity and the digital side of design. In other words nccc helped me not only grow as an artist but learn how to conceptualize my ideas.

In September of 2015 my best friend (and roommate at the time) decided that we would start coming up with ideas for our own hats and t-shirts. It sparked from necessity and never being able to find the color combinations we liked, and the age-old saying “We should put that on a shirt”. The name for the company came about when I did some research on the history of friendship. Somewhere along that path I found some old literature with the quote “The greater the amount of quality in a friendship, the easier it is to overcome conflict” , and so I decided “Quality and Conflct” (leaving out the i in conflict was the roommate’s idea, but we ran with it.) I found that Q&C gave me a tremendous creative outlet for my ideas, and I would have somewhere to display my artwork in the form of clothing. What started as a brand whose original plan was to create tees and hats, has since blossomed into 5 years of creating everything from hand-made leather wallets, sterling silver bracelets, reclaimed vintage trench coats with sewn in images, patches, enamel pins, candles, custom tie dyed garments, and even Q&C branded sneakers; to see this as anything but an outlet for my creativity is very difficult for me. In 2019 I opened a small brick and mortar location in downtown Torrington which served as a place for local customers to check out some of my work in person, unfortunately due to the 2020 lockdown, we had to close up, but I hope to reopen another location soon. Quality and Conflct while indeed a streetwear brand, is much more to me than that, it’s a mark of friendship, and mostly serves as a timeline for my design work. I truly believe that my  lack of desire to monetise the brand has enriched it into what it is. The products and experience people recieve feel more like art rather than just another hoodie or tee shirt and that exclusivity and “one off” quality is something that I cherish.

The Gallery at Northwestern Connecticut Community College is located in Founders Hall. It provides a unique showcase for professional exhibitions of contemporary art. Additionally, alumni and student shows are included in the yearly gallery schedule. Many art forms are represented including fine art, photography, video, installation, and digital media. Students have the opportunity to assist in exhibition installation, promotion, and can meet visiting artists. The Gallery provides a vital link between education and professional art practices. Funding for the Gallery comes from the College’s Cultural Planning Committee, The Center for Teaching, and the Art Department. For more information contact