NCCC Artist Entrepreneurs Series
Jennifer Hallock
Jennifer Hallock Designs
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Jennifer attended NWCC from 1998 – 2000 with a focus on graphic design and fine arts. It was the support and encouragement that she found in this creative safe space that allowed her to believe she could make a living doing what she loved most, making art.

Jennifer’s most interested in composition and space arrangement, and as such, she enjoys a career in both interior design and as an artist, working typically with paints on canvas. Her artwork has been featured on the cover of HGTV Magazine, and sold through home furnishing stores such as West Elm and Boston Interiors. Jennifer also sells her art through her own on-line shop and

To learn more about Jennifer’s work, visit her Art Shop or Instagram account.
IG: @jenhallock

The Gallery at Northwestern Connecticut Community College is located in Founders Hall. It provides a unique showcase for professional exhibitions of contemporary art. Additionally, alumni and student shows are included in the yearly gallery schedule. Many art forms are represented including fine art, photography, video, installation, and digital media. Students have the opportunity to assist in exhibition installation, promotion, and can meet visiting artists. The Gallery provides a vital link between education and professional art practices. Funding for the Gallery comes from the College’s Cultural Planning Committee, The Center for Teaching, and the Art Department. For more information contact