NCCC Artist Entrepreneurs Series
Darcy St. Onge

Attended NCCC from 2006-2008 and transferred to Hartford Art School, University of Hartford. Graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Visual Communication Design in 2011.

major: Painting and Graphic Design

Hi Im Darcy!
I am a Designer and Full Stack Developer with over 13 years experience in all different areas of human centered design. I have a passion for usability and user experience and the technical knowledge to create cool digital experiences. I work to help small businesses, government institutions, and non-profits build effective communication with their customers, users and constituents.

I design awesome experiences using helpful websites, fun logos, engaging posters and banners. Whether its making it easier for someone get a new license at the DMV, to helping prepare a user to respond to an opioid overdose, to scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment online, working with the state has many facets of user experience that can be built.

Simplifying very complex technical details is a craft in itself, and something I pride myself on. I’m passionate about educating my partners and coworkers about the value of design.

On My Time at NCCC
“Mise en place” is phrase I use a lot, meaning “everything in its place” . Just like in cooking a good design project starts out with all the building blocks in place before you begin, and the first piece you are going to need is good fundamentals. That is one of greatest ways he NCCC helped me find my foundations and my understanding of style, space, art and technology. Design is hard and messy work, it’s not always what you see on instagram. The design process is not as clean and organized as the end result. The real work happens behind the scenes and you need to be prepared to get your hands dirty. NCCC was a great jumping off point to learning how to find my process.

At NCCC, I studied Painting and Graphic Design. I left NCCC in 2008 and transferred to Hartford Art School, where in 2010 I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Visual Communication Design. My major in design was accompanied by electives in performance, art-history, ecology, and computer programming.

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