The Startup Business Helpdesk is OPEN!

Every Thursday at 4pm EST, virtual on WebEX

Click here to join us.

The Startup Helpdesk was started to help entrepreneurs like yourself get help from other experienced entrepreneurs, in an online community setting, where you can get help with your most pressing business problem. Running a startup can feel like you’re jogging in circles, putting out fires. The Startup Helpdesk is here to help you put at least one of those fires out each week!

We’re an ad-hoc community, so come when you can, but don’t feel obligated to attend each week. If you’ve put out most of your fires this week and have a spare hour, we’d love for you to drop by and help out another founder that may be a bit overwhelmed! Did a founder help you out last week? Maybe you can pay it forward this Thursday!

Grab a stiff drink, log into your Webex, and relax to some chill beats if you make it to the pre-party. Tunes provided by lofi hip hop radio. Looking forward to seeing you there.