The Moosecast is a podcast produced on a near weekly basis during the Fall & Spring semesters with students regarding topics of interest to them. Created in the midst of remote learning in 2020 when the Northwestern Campus was closed due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic, students created this podcast as a way to connect with each other share what was on their minds during unprecedented and difficult times.  Students are free to talk about issue and topics of their choice; serious topics, funny, outrageous, personal and everything in between are open for discussion.

The podcast is an opportunity for students to express their opinions openly and honestly and share the same with greater Northwestern Community.

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Interested in getting involved or have a topic you want to hear about? Email Andrew Wetmore, Director of Student Activities at awetmore@nwcc.edu

The contents of all Moosecast podcasts are published by students, the Director of Student Activities or other participating individuals and are solely responsible for the content. Statements made and opinions expressed are strictly those of the authors and not Northwestern Connecticut Community College.