On April 27, 2006, the Northwestern Community College Foundation (NCCF) merged with the Regional Advisory Council (RAC). On June 7, 2006, the Regional Advisory Council passed a similar resolution to merge as of September 1, 2006.

Board of Directors

President: Louise P. Van Alstyne
Vice President: Stacie Nicholas
Treasurer: Elizabeth A. Paluba
Recording Secretary: James Patterson
College Representative: James Patterson
Student Representative: Vacant


Complete Board of NCCF / RAC

William Baxter, New Hartford
Annesa H. Borla, Torrington
Shawn Brennan, Canaan
Dr. Harry C. Briggs, Winsted
Gladys Y. Cerruto, Torrington
Attorney Frank H Finch, Jr., Winsted
Benjamin A. Isaacson, Avon
Herbert G Isaacson. Esq., West Hartford
Dr. N. Gary Jamieson, Winsted
John N. Lavieri, Winsted
Richard R. Lavieri, Winsted
Stacie Nicholas, Riverton
Dr. Susan W. O’Brien, West Hartford
Dr. Judy Palmer, Winsted
Elizabeth A. Paluba, New Hartford
James Patterson, Waterbury
Christopher Pitt, Avon
F. Philip Prelli, Barkhamsted
Steve Reilly, Prospect
Norman Rogers, Jr., New Hartford
Louise P. Van Alstyne, Winsted
Roberta Willis, Lakeville
Robert C. Worrest, New Hartford