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Welcome new students to Northwestern Connecticut Community College! We are excited to have you join us and to welcome you into our family.

Orientation Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Orientation Program at Northwestern Connecticut Community College is to provide all incoming students with a collective and shared experience to set a tone for student academic and personal success while attending and after graduation.

To complete our mission, the Orientation Program at Northwestern Connecticut Community College provides the opportunity for students to:

-Identify campus support services to enhance student progress towards academic achievement and personal growth.
-Create a sense belonging community by acquainting students to Northwestern’s culture and compassion toward students.

Purpose of Online Orientation:

To welcome new students and facilitate a successful transition to the CT State Community Colleges, while navigating students through onboarding support, campus resources and enrollment.

Highlights of the Online Orientation Platform:
▪ All Fall 2022 accepted CT State Community College students will have access to the Online Orientation.
o Go live date: March 25, 2022
▪ Provides a brief overview of all 12 CT State Community Colleges.
▪ This orientation is not specific to each campus and will serve as a supplement to on-ground New Student Orientation.
▪ Specific Areas Included:
o Student Support Services/Campus Resources
o Campus Life
o Paying for College
o Choosing an Academic Program
o Academic Advising Support
o Classroom Expectations
o Tools and Technology
o Campus Safety
▪ Universal Content Videos are provided along with various in-house videos for specific areas.
▪ Knowledge Checkpoints/Quizzes: There are four Knowledge Checkpoints/Quizzes
o Combination of True/False and Multiple Choice.
▪ If answered incorrectly, the correct answer is provided with additional information.
▪ All areas of the platform are unlocked after each section is viewed.
▪ Estimated time for a student to complete: 30 to 40 minutes
▪ An electronic Certificate of Completion is provided.

New Students

Below you will find instructions on how to access Blackboard, myCommnet, and your Student Email. Should you have any questions or concerns about your orientation program contact Andrew Wetmore, Director of Student Activities at awetmore@nwcc.edu or at 860-738-6344. For technology support please contact the IT-Help Desk at 860-738-6367.

Understanding how to navigate our online tools such as Blackboard and myCommnet to access your courses and other resources will be critical to your success! See below for more instructions on accessing myCommnet & Blackboard.  Thriving in Virtual Environment

Parents/Guardians/Family Members

Please click the buttons below to take you to the Parent & Family Resource Guide (Downloadable PDF) and Parent & Family Resource Page on how you can support your student.

Suggestions to Support Academic Success 8 Questions to Ask your Student

New Student Technology Support & Information

Students attending in the Spring 2022 semester will use an online platform in some manner regardless if their class is online or on-ground. To access their courses and important resources. Follow the link below to a page that contains critical information about where to find IT support services, where and how to access your online student portal (myCommnet & Blackboard), how to access your student email,

Technology Support & Information

Policy on Refund and Course Withdrawals

It is important for students to understand their financial obligations while attending college, regardless if they are receiving financial assistant. Student and parents should read the Connecticut State Community Colleges’ Policy on Refund closely. Click here to read


U-Pass Program

All you need is a U-Pass CT and your student ID to ride buses and trains in Connecticut. Get where you need to go without having to pay a fare! Click here to learn more!

CTrides is a free program that helps commuters find the best way to get to work or school. We provide resources for choice commuting options throughout Connecticut, including bus, rail, carpools, van-pools, biking, walking, and teleworking.Discover the many services CTrides provides college students when traveling to and from campus!


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