February 16, 2021 Duc Tinh

Winsted – Northwestern Connecticut Community College was recently awarded a bronze citation and membership in the Transportation Leaders Program from CTrides for providing important transportation options and information to their students.

Prior to COVID, NCCC campus efforts to inform students of transportation options included inviting CTrides representatives to campus-wide events such as the annual Welcome Back Fair, and distributing informational brochures to students in common areas on campus and in orientation materials. Information is also posted on the campus website under Student Life Resources at nwcc.edu/transportation.

“Before COVID, our focus had been to direct students towards the benefits of carpooling and ridesharing to reduce the cost of commuting,” said Andrew Wetmore, NCCC Director of Student Activities. “The college was also moving toward expanding the bus service hours to the campus, as well as moving forward with a U-Pass model similar to the program at other campuses within the state college and university system.” U-Pass provides eligible students with free service on most bus and rail transportation within the state and is funded by a nominal fee at the time of student registration

CTrides is a part of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The Transportation Leaders Program works to improve in-state commutes to work and campus by encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transportation, which would help reduce traffic congestions and harmful emissions. The Department of Transportation honored more than 145 employers within the Transportation Leaders Program with distinctions that included gold, silver, and bronze recognitions.

“We are very proud to receive this honor from CTrides,” said Wetmore. “We will continue to educate our students on transportation options that can have great benefits to both the student and the state.”