May 22, 2019 Grantley Adams

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WINSTED, CT – May 22, 2019 –This year the Art department at Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) will exhibit at the Winsted Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), graphic design posters from past graduates. The posters, which highlight graphic design history, are both beautiful and informative. The former student artists include: Brooke Bittel, Lea Carosella, Jamie LeMieux, Amber Foley, Noah Solbol, Chelsea Solkowski, and Christina Warchol.

The goal of the graphic design history project is twofold; one, to expose students to the rich history of graphic design. These posters represent 20th century designers as well as designers practicing today. Two, it requires students to use only type to emulate the style of a chosen designer. By following in the footsteps of an artist’s work, students examine how the chosen designer solved problems using distinct methods and styles. The NCCC Art department endeavors to teach students higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, spacial relationships, creative trouble-shooting and critical analysis.

Our Art department enjoys a great relationship with the DMV and the town of Winsted, it is happy to share the work of its students with the residents of the Northwest corner. The Art Department offers an array of credit courses leading to an Associate in Science degree or Certificates. Students may choose to specialize in Graphic Design, Digital Media, or Fine Arts (drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture), as they progress in the art program. Certificate programs are available in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Digital Media.

For more information about Northwestern Connecticut Community College Art Department’s programs, please contact Professor Janet Nesteruk at or Professor Sue Berg at

Photo credits: Poster 1: Christina Warchol, Designer: Paula Scher | Poster 2: Lea Carosella, Designer: Jessica Hische