Criminal Justice

Outcomes Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to: 1. Explain and identify the structure and function of the criminal justice system. 2. Explain and identify the philosophy of community policing and its impact on the criminal justice system. 3. Explain and identify the programs facing various segments of the criminal justice system. 4. Explain and identify elements of the U.S. Constitution as it relates to the criminal justice system. 5. Apply the basic concepts of criminal law. 6. Explain and identify sociological aspects of criminology, juvenile delinquency and street gangs. 7. Examine realistic incidents and


This program is designed to be a career-oriented program that provides students with the necessary knowledge to gain employment in the field of Criminal Justice. Program course work will allow an opportunity for students to transfer to a four-year institution. Students will participate in applied learning through in-class, hands-on assignments as well as practicum/fieldwork at Criminal Justice sites. With the aid of the required courses, our program students have been successful in finding employment in their chosen field.