Digital Media Option

The Digital Media Option is designed to equip students with a sound foundation in the aesthetics, terminology, vocabulary, technical skills and design concepts of digital media production. Program coursework focuses on time based media and internet communication design.

Fine Arts

Northwestern’s Fine Arts Program is designed to expand the student’s creative potential through a series of studio courses and academic electives. The program prepares students for transfer to four year programs in art.

Graphic Communication Design Option

Northwestern’s Graphic Communication Design Option is designed to prepare students for transfer and career opportunities in the field of graphic design. The program encompasses design for both print and the web.


Digital Publishing

This certificate program aims to prepare students for entry level jobs in business, public relations, advertising and publishing. Students will gain basic competency in computer assisted design and will be able to produce brochures, newsletters and related material.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Program aims to provide the student with entry level graphic design skills. All courses are applicable to an Associate Degree. Students learn the principles and processes of graphic design while working in up-to-date computer graphics and photography studios.


Program Coordinator: Susan Berg, 860.738.6342


♦ Provide candidates with a strong fine arts foundation as well as high quality, relevant coursework in a specialty area – fine art, graphic communication or digital media – in preparation for career or transfer.
♦ Create learning opportunities which develop students’ critical and visual thinking skills and allow them to learn the principles and processes of art while exploring a variety of media.