Center for Student Development

The Northwestern Connecticut Community College Center for Student Development (CSD) works to create a rich campus-wide learning environment for NCCC students. Collaborating with the faculty, CSD helps students establish and fulfill their educational and career goals through career research, educational planning and personal counseling. CSD provides NCCC students with a place from which they can get the information they can use to broaden their perspectives, learn of academic enrichment opportunities and continue to develop a sense of social responsibility. We are glad to assist you, feel free to call us at 860-738-6462 with any questions.

Advising & Counseling:

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Getting Ready to Register? Follow These Steps:

3 Reasons to Register Early for College Classes:

1. Snag the classes you want at the times you want.
Ever waited until the last minute and found that the class you need to round out your semester is full? Registering early gives you the opportunity to choose your classes while plenty of sections are still available.

2. Don’t waste your time in line.
Fun fact: the busiest time in most colleges’ Enrollment Services and Financial Aid offices is the two weeks prior to classes starting. So if you need to see your advisor or need some one-on-one help from anyone in enrollment services or financial aid, register early and beat the crowds.

3. Have time to handle roadblocks.
Unexpected hold? Financial aid error? Starting early gives you time to figure out any barriers that might keep you from registering and take care of them in plenty of time to register.



NCCC is closely following State Health Guidelines relating to COVID-19.