NCCC Student Guide Online Contingency Plan 

As we transition to being a “virtual campus” amid coronavirus precautions, Northwestern Connecticut Community College will be attempting to maintain online many of the same services that we regularly offer our students.

We have created this dedicated webpage to provide information that will hopefully make this transition easier for everyone.


Moving On-Ground Classes To Remote Learning

We know that there are many questions circulating about what to do now that our classes have been moved to remote learning for the remainder of the semester.

We’ve asked all faculty to ensure that all on-campus courses have the syllabus, and handouts added to their respective Blackboard course shells.  This will be completed by the end of spring break.  This will allow all students the ability to access course materials remotely.  So please check in with your faculty member about how they are moving the course online during this period of time.

If you need to get familiar with Blackboard,  we have Video Tutorials on how to log into both Blackboard and your student email (if you have not done so already).  All students have been enrolled in a Blackboard course, Essential Skills for Attending Classes Remotely. This course contains video resources for the major tasks you may be expected to do in and out of Blackboard in the coming weeks.  Each class will be handling this transition differently, but these resources should give you valuable tools to make this transition successfully in all your areas of study.  Please use the topic areas on the course menu to narrow your search for video tutorials.

Faculty may also meet via WebEx.  Be sure to become familiar with WebEx.

Please understand that news regarding the public health situation in CT changes frequently so continue to check Blackboard, your student email, and our website for updates.  If you have any academic questions or concerns, please let your faculty member or myself know


Dr. David Ferreira, Dean of Academic & Student Affairs


The Office of Admissions is telecommuting to help you achieve your educational goals. Please email us at with your questions.

If you need in-depth assistance, you can request a WebEx with an Admissions staff member here.


Academic Advising Services

You can still meet remotely with your assigned faculty advisor.  If you do not know who is your faculty advisor, this is how you find them:

  • Go to
  • Login using your NetID and password
  • Select “Banner Student and Faculty Self-Service”
  • Go to “Student Records”
  • Select “Advisor and Major”

If for any reason you are not able to meet with your assigned advisor, or if you do not have your assigned advisor, you can meet virtually with an advisor from our Center for Student Development (CSD).  A CSD advisor will post advising announcements via an advising Blackboard Course and can answer generic questions in a discussion board in that course. If you wish to meet virtually 1-on-1 with a CSD advisor, here is who you should contact:

Allied Health and Veterinary Sciences  – Rebecca Russo:

Arts & HumanitiesRick Boger-Hawkins:

Business Daneen Huddart:

Public Services, Social & Behavioral SciencesRuth Gonzalez:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) – Samantha Palombizio:

General Studies & Non-Degree SeekingRuth Gonzalez:

Disability Support ServicesDaneen Huddart: or Ruth Gonzalez:

Advisors will meet with you over the phone or via WebEx.  Please get familiar if you are not already with WebEx

Academic Success Center (Tutoring) Services

You can still meet remotely with a tutor by appointment.  Our Academic Success Center has a Spring 2020 Tutor Schedule you can view to see who is available by appointment.  To make an appointment, please contact:


You will meet remotely with a tutor via WebEx and the link will be provided through the Academic Success Center Course you will find in Blackboard (see course as it will appear below).

Financial Aid Services

The NCCC Financial Aid Office is committed to providing financial assistance to students who lack the financial resources necessary to meet the costs of attendance. We encourage all students and their families to apply in a timely manner by completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Use the myCommNet portal to monitor your financial aid status by then entering your records in Banner Self-Service. You will be able to view your award package if awarded aid, your tuition/fees bill, financial aid history, and academic records that affect your financial aid eligibility. You may also view any requirements to submit documents to verify the income tax data that you initially reported on your FAFSA.

Use BANNER SELF-SERVICE to view your application status and award records by accessing the my.commnet portal on the home page of the NCCC website or log on at  After you log on, enter BANNER SELF-SERVICE, go to “Financial Aid”.  Select the aid year you wish to view and navigate among the sub menus.  You may choose from:

“Financial Aid Status” – Go here to view:

  • Any unsatisfied student requirements.
  • Your academic progress status.
  • Your financial aid history.

“Eligibility Requirements” – Go here to view:

  • Unsatisfied Requirements/actions and information required to receive aid.
  • View any holds placed on your account.
  • Review your academic status.

“Award Package” – Go here to view:

  • View financial aid awarded.
  • View additional resources/scholarships.
  • Accept financial aid offered (if required).

“Award Payment Schedule” – Go here to review expected and paid amounts per semester.

“Title IV Authorization” – Go here to:

  • Authorize financial aid to pay non-tuition charges.
  • Authorize aid to pay some past and/or future balances.

Note:  Authorize the first TWO statements only, leave the third blank!  Then click submit.

“Award History” – Go here to review all past and present financial aid.

“Loan Status” – Go here to view:

  • Loan application status.
  • Accept/Decline loan offers.

“Work-Study Employment” – Go here to:

  • Accept/Decline Work-Study offers.
  • Apply for Work-Study job (if awarded).
  • Review Work-Study history & payroll information.

“Federal Shopping Sheet” – Go here to view your estimated cost of attendance and financial aid.

Students may also call 860-738-6326 as well as the financial aid email ( with any questions you may have.  Financial Aid Staff may be able to meet via WebEx by appointment.  Please email financial aid to set up a WebEx appointment.

Cashier Office Services

Northwestern Connecticut Community College makes every effort to make payments and account maintenance as pain-free as possible.

How to make a payment online:

    1. Log in to
    2. Click on Banner Student & Faculty Self Service
    3. Choose college
    4. Click on Billing & Payment
    5. Under my Account/Payment Information
    6. Click on Student Account & Payment Center
    7. Click on Student Account & Payment Center
  1. Make payment (click on green button)
  2. Enter the amount you are paying and click on continue (green button)
  3. Select method of payment and continue
  4. Enter credit/debit card number or bank account information for electronic check payment and continue
  5. Complete payment

Registrar’s Office Services

Northwestern Connecticut Community College’s Registrar’s Office makes registration as easy for you as possible during this time.

How to register for Summer or Fall classes:

  • Log into
    • Click Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service
  • If you are unable to web register, you can print, scan and email a completed Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Fill out the form and scan (or take a picture with your cell phone) and email it to Kris Kennedy

How to Withdraw from a Spring class:

  • Log into
    • Click Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service
  • If you are unable to access mycommnet and banner then you can complete this online withdrawal form.
    • When you click on this form you will be prompted to login.
    • login with your mycommnet login. Example and your password
    • Once you complete the online Withdrawal Form and submit it, the results will go the Registrar’s Office, we will update your record in our database.
    • If you have any problems email Kris Kennedy

Applying for Graduation:

  • April 14th is the deadline to Apply to graduate.
  • Since meeting with your advisor may not be possible, you can ask your faculty advisor to email the Graduation Audit to us in the Registrar’s Office. or
  • You can then fill out the Graduation Application online.
  • Please note that all communication will be sent to you through your college student email!

Library Services

It is the mission of the Northwestern Connecticut Community College Library to fulfill the information needs of the College’s students and staff, to assist in developing the research skills of NCCC students and to serve as a library resource for the residents of northwestern Connecticut.

The NCCC Library continues to provide access to library resources through the Library’s web page (NCCC Library).  Students have 24/7 access to 44 databases and over 145,000 full text e-books.

Please utilize the Research Guides as the most convenient access point for your research resources.  (Research Guides).  Guides are arranged by course, subject or topic, and they include several handy “how to” guides that will assist you in using library resources.

The Library will continue to offer information literacy instruction for courses.  These instruction sessions will be held either online via WebEx or through Blackboard discussion boards.  Your professor will communicate this information to you and your classmates.

Following Spring Break, students may request Research Appointments through our online form.  (Request a Research Appointment).  All research appointments will be held either online via WebEx or by phone.

Library staff are available via email:  Feel free to contact the Library with your research needs.

Technology Support Services

With the move to online classes, there are several technical support services to make the transition to online as smooth as possible.  Here are some helpful supports and links:

NWCC Technology Support can be found on our website or via any the following:

On campus support: (during open hours)

Phone: 860-738-6367

Online IT Support: Available 24/7/365
Phone: 860-723-0221
Online Chat 

Other Helpful Links:

myCommNet Alert Signup – (log into myCommNet first)
WebEx Support for Attendees
Student Email and Office 365
Blackboard video tutorials

Help with Logging in

Help with your Browser

Course Resources



  • Spectrum is offering free Wi-Fi to students for 60 days call 1.844.488.8395
  • Comcast is also offering free Wi-Fi for 60 days to new low-income families as well as opening their Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots to everyone for free.
  • Altice through Optimum and Suddenlink is offering free internet connectivity for 60 days.
  • Optimum is also offering access though their special Wi-Fi hotspots SSID: optimumwifiemergency.
    Call the numbers below for further information on getting internet at your home

    • 866.200.9522 to enroll in Optimum region
    • 888.633.0030 to enroll in Suddenlink region
  • AT&T is also offering public access to their Wi-Fi Hotspots for free. There are also offering internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 a month through our Access from AT&T program.

NCCC Scholarships

Northwestern Connecticut Community College has a number of scholarship opportunities available for new, continuing and graduating students. NCCC scholarships are awarded to students based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need and/or enrollment in a specific academic program at NCCC.

For more information about scholarships and deadlines, visit or email


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